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Life & Schedule Updates

Hey guys,

To make it easier for everyone, I created a main blog page on my website so everyone is up-to-date on the goings on my end, to prevent me from missing anyone from the notification.

Back in February, I had to move back to Ohio in hopes of saving money and having a new fresh start with my fiance, since living out in Pittsburgh was just too costly to live in and not much luck on job searching or possible advancement for my fiances past job.

Later on down the road, me and my fiance both lost both of our jobs a week apart and we became super stressed in finding new work while also handling other tasks in many areas, even well after the move. I was still working on kits but at a very slow pace due to job hunting.

Fast forward to June, another unfortunate event happened that wasn't expected...since my workshop was located in the basement, the basement flooded while I was away for the day doing errands with my fiance, and where my work desks were located, my desks were drenched with water...same with my storage units were filled with water, PC area, garage kit figure prep stage areas, even a commissioned gk got wet in the process as was an udder nightmare...

2 1/2 weeks later, I managed to get back to work on commissions, thankfully to keep it brief on the damages, I lost all of my collectors books, commission supplies that are not protected against water, tables warped, PC thank GOD was saved including my monitors, keyboard, mouse, tablet, tower, etc. Collector stuff such as PVC models were untouched given their location but lost half a box of collectible boxes I had in storage. Many other things were either damaged or recovered but these were the main things.

After all of this, the first day we stuck up all the water and put a humidifier on for the 2 weeks span to get rid of any excess moisture in the air. I moved all of my workstations and furniture to a different location of the basement and took extra precautions in rising stuff off the floor and a bit away from the walls. Very exhausting week and a half moving stuff, putting things away, trying to work with the few dollars I had left to re-buy supplies to get back to work, etc...thankfully some of you helped out and sent small payments towards your commission to help pay for repairs and or repurchase of supplies, thank you guys so much whom could help or share my social media post.

Videos can be found on my facebook or instagram.

I have opened up a paypal donation panel if you wish to donate a dollar or two to help make remainder repairs.

As far as 'good news' goes, I was thankful to get a part-time job at a local tool store and I start June 22nd. I have no choice but to take on part-time work to pay off bills from being unemployed as well as repair a tire that has been punctured by a fat ass screw as of yesterday, so theirs always something new...

Now, you might be wondering about your commission(s). Again, I do not wish this upon anyone to go through the things that I did, nor did I even expect these life events to happen to make it as an excuse. I know some of you I gave a semi not so promise date of start or completion of your commission but I have to say the dates are at a TBD basis because of even more of a delay due to the above statements. I do deeply apologizer and hope you will be patient enough to receive your work of art. I only wish to deliver the best. Hopefully 2018 will be a better year where I won't have horrid delays as I did this year.

Right now, I am still working on multiple kits at once to catch up on work, when I can, I will update each one of you if I had the time to touch the kit, feel free to also poke me if extra curious or take too long of a delay where you get worried. I just do not want to be a debbie downer saying "I couldn't work on it this week, month, etc." The other thing I have to figure out aside from delays is whom is still in the game, I had a few people drop off the face of the earth and have no idea what is going on, cause they paid say X amount for me to work on their kit(s), but just stopped talking all together, so those figures are on perma hold until I can figure out what is going on and also to free up my schedule more.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted, I have not forgotten any of you, I just have to do what I have to do and start work on the side while working on commissions. If you are a client of mine and have any questions or concerns, please email me at anytime. I fyou are new here and want to know my commission process or see if their are remainder 2018 slots available, please click on the (Contact Me) page and select the appropriate commission option for more info =)

Thank you all for your understanding and hope to keep bringing works to you to enjoy!


Samantha Lewis