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Pricing & Refund Policies

What is your prefered scales to work on? I work on some 1/8 scales but please inquire first. My preferred scale sizes is 1/7 scale to 1/4 scale. I do not work on SD scales or anything below 1/8 scale. Though I have been experimenting with Warhammer miniatures, but this does not mean I am willing to accept SD or smaller scale figures as commissions.

How does pricing work for you? Price varies on many factors: scale (size) of the kit, piece count, complications with the resin, of you want modifications to the design, complexity of the kit, any customizations you want done to it, adding a custom base, etc.
Normally what I do is I observe any resource material of the kit in question you provided in the contact form and ask any futher questions I might have in regards to that form, then I throw out a ballpark range of what my mimum and max cap will be. Keep in mind as I work on your figure, the price could increase or decrease depending if you want additional work / options added or subtracted from the figure later on than from what we initally discussed in the beginning. Or, if the kit overall wound up having more complications than initially thought, or the kit seems less complicated and can reimburse you a specific amount.

When would I get a final estimate? Once the kit in question arrives at my location, I will inspect the kit and give you my final quote and total along with a payment tracker to keep track of when you sent payments and how much you owe left.

What is your bare minimum in painting a figure? For a straight to the point question, any commission will be between $280 - $850+; I only work on some 1/8 scale figures all the way up to 1/4 scale. Given it is a hand crafted service and takes several months to complete between other client works I have to do. It’s not just getting the kit and painting it, there is a lot of careful work needed to be done before painting even happens.

'But the kit seem so easy, (insert commission quote here) why is it so much money?' Keep in mind even if a kit seems simple in your eyes, I am the one whom will be working on the kit. Everyone has different methods in building as well as what they feel comfortable in pricing projects. Some people pay by the hour, some people give flat rates. Since I want to do this 'hobby' for a living, it takes time to consult with multiple clients to keep them all happy as well as work between multiple projects. This is not a side hobby for me anymore, it's my work passion I am trying to accomplish as a full time job while not having no stable side job. Not to be rude, but please spare the explanation in telling me what to do in regards to working on a kit saying 'it's simple and shouldn't be this much', or 'it's this many pieces all you have to do is this or that', etc...again, I am the one doing the project for you ^_^;;; If the ballpark pricing I give you is not what you can work with, you do not have to commission through me =P I am no way forcing you too either =) It is a big investment but I also have to be honest about my pricing. My pricings could increase overtime given demand too. Everyone prices things what they feel comfortable with. I do NOT negotiate prices so keep this in mind, what my numbers are is what it is unless noted later on that I can decrease the value of the project. Again, I am literally predicting the future in regards to cost in supplies, premium shipping supplies, labor, bills for the house in using equipment (yes I do factor this), cost in gas to go to hobby shops, etc. If anything, pricing is the most hardest thing for me given I observe all resource material for a long time and take the above into account. Their are also times I can give discounts such as ordering a figure through a store in which I have special discounts, or offer free shipping (if within the USA and also depends on the project quote total).

What Ballpark Pricing Includes: Deposit, cleaning, prep work, pinning the kit, priming for errors, filling holes and dents, final prime, painting, sealing.

What Ballpark Pricing does not Include: Purchasing a kit, you are required to buy the kit and is not included in the ball park total. Customization / Custom Base designs. Shipping is a separate charge you are required to pay.

I do not do refunds (aside from deposits):
Common senarios I faced:
Your taking too long, I want my money back! Ok...first off, that's just downright rude...I have multiple commissions I work on a daily basis (if I'm not on an artblock ordeal). I have to micro manage every client I have to stay up to date and they are patiently waiting for updates as well. Delays happen, period. They can be life senarios or delays in commissions due to a difficult client, or I need to redo something on a commission or two which can take weeks or months to do. Just because it's taking too long doesn't mean I'm taking peoples money or for whatever reason people might think. I am a very busy person, as much as I want to 'rush things' I don't want to rush for that will affect the overall product outcome looking like crap, which I don't want and I'm sure you don't want either. Yes, I might give a semi time range, but it shouldn't be taken by heart cause like I said, delays happen. building and painting such intricate figurines takes time and care, it's not just slapping paint and calling it done, theirs alot of things that need to be considered or done to even get to painting in general. So please, if you can't wait 6 months to a year depending on my schedule or delays, please do not bother signing up for a commission with me...I do my best to keep a majority of you updated with things so I can only ask to be patient, and again, I don't give refunds aside from the above statements further up this page...

Struggling with bills, need vacation money, etc etc etc: To put this bluntly...if your struggling with finances, it's not best to commission someone for such an expensive item, or merchandise, period. Every artist has heard every excuse in the book so you have to understand in our perspective, when we accept your commission, we are dedicating our time to you. We understand this is an expensive hobby, but you should be more responsible in your finances, not us. We are not banks with loads of cash to just give back instantly...if you even bother to mention this, I am just going to point to this GK commission page and wonder if you read my terms and the form you signed why I don't do refunds. I can understand financial difficulties can happen at anytime, believe me, I have struggled it ever since I moved out at age 18 and it can't be controlled, but please be respectful. Also keep in mind I might decide not to accept commissions from you any longer due to fear of future financial difficulty excuses which I have l heard too many times before from the same clients I gave a second chance for. If you can't make a step-by-step payment, please don't fret and read the below statements where I am able to actually help relieve some stress of no due dates and alternative payment wait options. =)

Whether you were making payments on a figure and cannot pay for it any longer:
What is good about my services is if you are tight on money and can’t pay for a step process, I simply put the kit aside for as long as you want until you can pay for that step payment amount, there are no due dates of payments Putting $5 in a piggy bank surprisingly adds up over time! =)

I saw a company is offering already painted version of my kit, can I get a refund if this happens?
Keep in mind how these words are above and how it sounds xD Once you commit to something like this, you can't back out of it. Same goes for if you decide to have a kit commissioned and find out later on a company or another individual will do it for less. I cannot refund my time and effort I put into something. Hearing this common question is like a slap in the face for any artist giving you their time of day to consult with you and work on your project. A quick answer will be no, you do not get a refund in this instance, please understand where I am coming from. I have had too many potential clients do this and decided to no longer work with them in the future, so keep this heavily in mind.

Wanted a kit painted and the kit was purchased but no longer interested in having it painted:
- If you had the kit sent to me and you paid your deposit, I can reimbuse your deposit amount and ship the kit back to you, but you are responsible for shipping. If the kit has been washed already, you are opted out of a reimbursment of your deposit cause I picked up the supplies, gas and so on to start the process of cleaning your kit before prep work.
- If we ordered the kit but has not yet been released. Keep in mind some stores have a strict refund policy where you only obtain store credit. If you wanted a refund in regards to something like this, the only other method would be to use the credit to purchase a different kit of equal value or less. In this instance if a kit has been paid in full (which I require when ordering kits on pre-order) I never ask for a deposit cause people do change their minds later on not having it painted in the end.
- If it was a kit you purchased yourself and had it sent to me, you will always get it back (obviously), but be wary that if the kit was worked on, you will get the kit back with those edits. If your kit has not been chemically washed by me, you will get your deposit back and your kit but keep in mind your responsible for the shipment cost. The shipment cost will be determined once it's packaged and weighed via USPS.

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Payment Processes

Payment Preference:
Always require paypal transactions and in USD with fees accounted for. You will receive an invoice. If you are having trouble adding money to your paypal account quickly, paypal offers a new method where you, login to paypal on your phone, visit the website I linked below to generate a time sensitive barcode, visit the supported retailer near you that is available on the paypal app, give the teller cash and show the barcode for them to scan it and they will deposit it in your account within 15 minutes or so. Always require a receipt after this as proof for your records if anything were to go wrong! It does have a fee as to the bank to paypal transfers, but this method is less than a few minutes compared to the other bank method which takes a few business days to process. For more information in regards to Cash to Paypal, visit: You can also charge your paypal account if it is linked to your bank to instantly send funds as well. Or the other common method is transferring money from your linked bank account to your paypal account, but again it takes usually a few business days to process. In rare instances, I take other payment methods but please discuss with me first so we can figure things out together.

I require a deposit to cover a spot on my commissions list, consulting with you about the project as well as inspect and wash your kit of impurities. This helps the adhesion of primers and paints on the resins surface. The deposit is $100 and it's included in your ballpark as well.

Sending Payments:
I send paypal invoices as of 2018 to avoid fraud when people receive kits and want to file PP claims. If you need a round about estimare what those invoice fees might be, I have a calculator to determine the fees, but you need to state if your paypal account is a USA account or international to know that the percentage fee is to get a close to accurate number. I only do gift / friends and family. If you were recomended by someone I know and they tell me you are someone whom is trustworthy with transactions and trust, I will gladly accept avoiding invoice fees by sending it as gift / friends and family.

Payment Amounts:

Minimum Payments:
Minimum payments are $50 depending on the senario and project total. It is sometimes best to send larger amounts to avoid more singular fee charges down the road. Ex: $100 usd.

How much per stage requires to start?
Depends on what is being painted and other factors, I will let you know how much each stage will cost as I work once we break down the numbers. (If you are doing the Split Payment option).

Don’t have the amount to pay for a work stage at the moment:
Don’t fret! If you can’t make a payment for me to work on the next step, I simply put the kit aside until you are ready to send your payment. There are no due dates for payments. I do notify when I finish a stage and how much I require for me to progress further, and you just let me know when I should start back up once you have the next installation payment available =)

Your process of payments:
I bill by the stages in kit building, meaning you pay me to consult, inspect the kit as well as clean it, next is prep work stages, painting and so on. Some gk builders have various methods in payment processing. Some like to have 50% up front, Or pay by the hour, or give you a flat price for each workstage. For me, paying as I work is the most efficient way to keep me motivated and to keep track of things better. Also helps people whom don't have alot of funds upfront to make payments and save up as time goes by.

Can I make advanced payment or pay in full?
Yes you can, everyone has their preference in sending payments what makes them comfortable. I normally just require payments as I progress through the project. But, you are more than welcome to give advancement payments, even if your kit is on hold to be worked on at a later date so it's less of a financial burden to you to make future payments. Or, the other option is paying upfront fully so the project is fully funded. Keep in mind even if you made advancement payments or paid in full, if my schedule is overwhelmed, it does not mean it pushes you higher up as a priority on my worklist. Reason being is every kit is different and requires a set amount of time and care, to shift that completely due to payment upgrades confuses my schedule and will casue delays, expecially if other client kits are very complicated or require repaints / further consulting.

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Example Payment Tracker

What is a Payment Tracker? Why do I need it?
Pretty self explanatory but I'll break it down for ya =P As much as I love and admire my other GK colleagues, their are times were we want to be unique in different aspects in our line of work. In my case aside from offering split payments and premium packaging, I also include a well designed payment tracker / invice for your records as well as for my archiving system. This helps keep track of what payments I receive, how much left you owe on the project, what kit your paying for, shipping / contact info as well as any additional brief notes as explained in the (Notes) section of the tracker. Having this file is a lot easier to have compared to searching through paypals filters for what all payments have been sent or received.

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Obtaining a Kit

If you have a kit:

Send me photos of your kit and mention where you purchased the kit within the contact form. This insures to me that the kit is a clean cast / recast (not from ebay). I refuse to work on kits that are purchased from ebay unless it has proper documentation it could very well be an original. That casts are horrible to work with. Their is only one Thai based store that has been approved in the gk community so far. I work with originals or recasts from supported sellers and HQ recasters. Some select few sculptors whom make original style characters, sometimes open mail orders. This means you can buy an original kit directly through them and avoid scalpers on the marketplace! Though, their are times a recast does pop up, I will not take a recast over a mail order original. Please order through the sculptors mail order service to support them directly in sales.

If you don't have a kit:

Buying a kit or a kit is on pre-order:
Best places to buy / pre order kits is via the sculptors blog page which release mail orders to get original kits directly from the sculptor. If mail orders aren't available, licensed Gks can be found on asian market sites such as Yahoo Japan Auctions and so on. If you are okay for recasts, I know of two online stores to purchase high quality casts. I will purchase them on my account which offers discounts. Or you are more then welcome to order yourself. If a kit is on pre-order, I will ask the store how many quotas are left to have it reproduced again, if the quota is low, most likely it won’t be casted for a very long time, if the quota is high, I suggest you pay for the kit in full so we can have a spot on that quota list. Once the kit is released, I will be notified and I will then let you know as well how the process is going in regards to the shipment of the kit to me and when I receive it. Once the kit arrives I can begin inspecting it as well as work out payment plans for the project. If the kit is in stock, you send me a payment for the kit, I will order it and send you confirmation then wait for the kit to arrive at my location. Depending on the store, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to receive.

Not sure what to have commissioned:
Mention a few character names and what series they are from and I can search what casts are available. Pictures / myfigurecollection links are most helpful. If you want to spend the extra money in obtaining an original kit if available, I highly recommend my deputy service AnimeOsaka via facebook or find another proxy. Sadly I am not very experienced ordering on foreign sites such as YJA so I cannot hunt for originals for you.

Have a character in mind but not sure if a kit is available:
Once I have the names, I will begin my search and send you a few links of some kits that are (in stock). If they are on pre-order it is unknown when they will be out of pre-order stage based on the current quota for it being recasted. If you really want that kit and it is in pre-order, I can contact the store to see if they can give me more information in regards to how many quotas are needed to produce. You will need to pay in advance if I am ordering the kit for you and I be happy to purchase it on my account with a discount. Depending on which store I order from, keep in mind every store has a refund policy, some might give you cash back, a percentage back, or give only store credit..

Want to buy a kit but modify it to look like your original character:
Sadly I no longer offer this option given it is too costly of a modification to offer as well as not very committed clientel backing out of the project half way through. I do mod kits but it depends on the senario.

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Sending a Kit

If you have the kit on hand:
I will provide my address in which or you to send the kit too. I do accept international clients as well, though keep in mind, shipping from your country to the USA can be very costly. The kit does not need to be in a very big box either, just be sure to wrap the parts in cenent bubble wrap and to where it won't move around in the shipment container to avoid breakage. If it's an original kit, you don't need to send the documentation over or the original box, just take photos is all I need, just ship the kit as the method described above.

If we need to order the kit:
I will be more than happy to order it on my accounts and have it shipped to me. Discounts are offered on my accounts and will be applied to your order as well. Once I receive the kit, I will message you for further instruction.

Having more than one kit painted or sent:
I do a large volume of returning customers wanting to get multiple kits painted, but given I need to have open spots for other new potential clients, I do 'hold / store' kits to be worked on in the future. Keep in mind I do require a deposit to hold kits to be painted by me down the road. Sometimes, they rather send for example two kits, but only want one painted for the present time. I do accept holding kits for you to save on shipping costs, but that second kit will not be worked on until either the first kit is finished and or you send payment deposits for the second. If you decide you do not want that second kit painted at all or painted by me, please read the return policy section at the top of the page.

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How Stages Work

How long does it take to complete a kit?
Depends on many factors as explained at the beginning of this page. Also depends on my schedule. Typical completion ranges are 3-6 months depending on many factors with the kit, but please be aware to not take this time range by heart. Every kit is different and their can come a time where delays might happen between multiple projects or life events I cannot control. I also do not accept very time sensitive orders anymore, I understand everyone wants things now or 'soon', but this is a very delicate andcrafted service that is not mass produced. I am human and every kit I work on is very personalized and not slapped together.

The order in which I work on kits: Washing - Cutting excess resin off - dry fitting parts - pinning parts together - sanding - gap filling - sanding - test priming for more issues or holes in the resin - sanding - final priming - painting - sealing - custom base building (optional) - completion & assembly - photography - editing photos - upload - packing & shipping.

So this is how the process usually pays out once the kit is in hand, inspection is made, and a final ball park quote is given. Once we have that number in place, we can work out payments. The $100 deposit covers me consulting with you on the project, inspecting the kit, washing the kit from impurities and excess resin. This deposit is included in the ball park total. Once the cleaning is done and my schedule is open to work on prep work, I will require another payment. If you cannot pay during that time, it’s okay! I will simply put the kit aside until you are ready to send the payment needed to complete the task. This process will continue on until everything is paid in full and the kit is complete! Once the kit is complete, I will photograph the kit, edit the photos and send you copies to overlook to make sure the figure is to your needs, keeping in mind I do have to edit the lighting so color differences is common, but I will let you know if his were to arise and what to look out for. After the photo session, I will then custom cut a foamboard box. I have found that foamboard is a good semi impact resistant material and have had great luck with it compared to standard cardboard boxes. Once the box is made, I will custom cut shipping foam to fit each piece in place to insure nothing will break during shipment, or at least try to prevent this from happening. This is a premium feature I now offer and I have invested a lot into including with every project. Lastly, I will send you photos of the box and shipment info before going to USPS to get a quote. If you live in the USA, I usually have a good rough idea how much shipping might be on a typical figure. If you are ok wit sending a requested payment amount towards shipping, I can then reimburse the remainder back to you. This avoids the waste in gas given where I live. Everything is very distant and also cuts time waiting at the postal service for a response back from you. I will then give you a photo copy of the shipment receipt as well as tracking information (if available).

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I do offer customizing options such as: alternate color themes aside from the official promo photos, custom bases to fit with the characters atmosphere or to your liking, adding / modifying poses of a kit or adding things to the kit it did not come with originally, subtracting things, etc. This option usually results in an extra charge. The only thing that is not included in the ballpark is if it is a custom base design, that is a separate side charge and prices range on complexity and time. Having his as a side charge makes the numbers less confusing on the payment tracker and also helps to know what all supplies I need to purchase to make the mods / custom base.

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Life Senarios

When it comes to life, we cannot control everything to make it perfect. No one lives a perfect life. With this being said, their are times where the unexpected happens and it can't be reversed. 2017 alone was this case in resulting in moving very suddenly to another state, loss of a job, looking for work, workshop being flooded in the basement and lost a lot of supplies to work on GKs as well as collectibles, finally getting a job but commissions piled up and had to give it up, having to pull out most if not all my teeth for new ones, the list goes on and on. All of these things we can't help it and wish also they may not have happened.
My point is, I am not perfect, I try my best to keep every one of my clients / friends aware of what is going on with my life as well as regarding to any delays in commissions. I have my personal life as well as my art life. Please understand their might come a time where their are delays, whether it is related to physical health, mental health, family, life, other clientel order issues I need to carefully take time to problem solve and so on. I can do my best in giving round about time frames to either work on your kit or have completed by, but please keep in mind these are estimates and not the final outcome, this is considering if everything went smoothly from start to finish including consulting with you each step by step process so it goes smoothly. I used to give out semi accurate time frames but I had to stop doing this since I was overpromising too much. If anything were to come up, I can relate people can get upset if I had to delay in working on your figure. But keep in mind you will get your figure eventually, I only want to take the time to perfect it exactly how you want it to be. Sorry if this has gotten bit wordy, but I know this is a very scarce explanation of a hobby but what your getting is a work of art, please understand it will take time to do to your standards and delays could very well possibly happen depending on the senario. I will do my best to keep you informed if this ever does happen. Reminding me either every other day or every month about the delay will demotivate me and depress me more to not work on your kit or any other kits. If you are ever concerned about my life or anything in regards to my work, you can always keep tabs of me on my facebook fanpage, or if I have time to code, I will post a blog entry on my website.

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So the kit is done, whats next?
I will then send it to the post office to have it weighed and quoted and I will send this information back to you as the shipping quote. Though if you live within the USA, I have a pretty good idea in regards to shipping costs. So if you are ok with me requesting a specific amount to cover shipping costs, I will reimbuse whatever remains back to you. This saved time in waiting at the post office for a response from you as well as waste in gas, given where I live I am very far from specific stores. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including kit returns.

How do you pack everything?
Once the kit is finished I will then pack the figure in my new premium packaging. This consists of custom cutting a foamboard shipping box. I have found that foamboard is a good semi impact resistant material and have had great luck with it compared to standard cardboard boxes. Since I am custom cutting it, it limits extra space that is unnecesarry in typical shipment boxes. Once the shipment box is made, I will custom cut shipping foam to fit each piece in place to insure nothing will break during shipment, or at least try to prevent this from happening. This is a premium feature I now offer and I have invested a lot into including with every project. So this premium shipment feature is also included in the ballpark.

Do you add insurance?
Yes I do upon request. with USPS, depending where the figure is going, it has included insurance sometimes up to $100. If you want more insurance converage, it is an additional charge based on USPS' price tier.

Do I get tracking?
Depending on the location of where the kit is going, it usually comes with tracking always. It also depends on how fast the package will go if it is going outside of the USA. For international clients specifically, you might have to pay for registered mail option to get that tracking number feature, unless you pay for more premium faster delivery, it should be included. Again, it all depends where it is going.

So I have the kit, how do I care or assemble it?
Any figure I paint I always send a digital file for care instructions so that your figure stays in tip top shape! When you receive your kit, if the kit is required to be in a few pieces for shipping safety, you will be provided with video instructions on how to put it together. It is just easier to follow video format than reading on paper. If you happen to have any issues assembling the figure for any reason, I be happy to use my special skype account to consult with you or speak with you again preferred your contact method to help assist you.

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It's more than just business:
My #1 goal is to make all my customers happy and having great service with personality. I am not someone who is cut dry and just work on business terms, I like to meet new people and engage with them if my time and schedule allows, so don’t be afraid to strike a convo with me! Their may be times where I can get severely busy and cannot talk, please do not be offended if I do not respond to your messages / emails, I do not mean to do it intensionally, I can just be very busy from time to time but I will always do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Not happy with how a piece looks during a progress stage:
Please do not be shy or think I will get mad if I have to redo something! It is okay! I only want to make you happy =) If you see something that doesn’t seem right to you, please let me know and I be happy to fix. Though if it’s completely repainting something all together, I have to strip the paint and everything which may result in a charge. Depending on the issue, it may result in an additional charge to fix but again it depends what is wrong.

Received the kit and don’t like it:
Simply put, I cannot refund you if you received the kit and you are not happy. Since we both communicate together by voice / message and or photo progress. Since I am building the kit to your exact liking and you are watching over my progress their should be no need for you not be happy. But, if there is a case you are still not happy, you are more than welcome to have the kit sent back for fixing what you seem wrong with it. I simply cannot refund something I put many months of work into, all I can do is simply correct the mistake and send it back to you, obviously you have to cover the cost in shipping. Since I do provide premium packaging services, you can simply send the kit back in the original shipment container (if you remove or hide the original shipment labels) and send it that way, or send the piece in question back in a seperate smaller box. Just insure that it is wrapped well to prevent breakage during reshipment back to me. Though I never really had an unhappy customer, I just wanted to note this here so people are aware =).

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