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Pricing & Refund Policies

Pricing: Price varies on many factors: scale (size) of the kit, complications, modification, complexity of the kit, any customizations you want done to it, custom base, etc. Normally what I do is I observe any resource material of the kit in question and throw out a ballpark range (price could increase or decrease depending on extra options and or complications with the kit than initially thought in photos). Once the kit in question arrives at my location, I will inspect the kit and give you my final quote and total along with a payment tracker to keep track of when you sent payments and how much you owe left. For a straight to the point question, any commission will be $200 and up, given it is a hand crafted service and takes several months to complete. It’s not just getting the kit and painting it, there is a lot of careful work needed to be done before painting even happens.

What Ballpark Pricing Includes: Deposit, cleaning, prep work, pinning the kit, priming for errors, filling holes and dents, final prime, painting, sealing.

What Ballpark Pricing does not Include: Purchasing a kit, you are required to buy the kit. Customization / Custom Base designs. Shipping is a separate charge you are required to pay.

I do not do refunds (aside from deposits):

Whether you were making payments and can’t pay for it any longer:
What is good about my services is if you are tight on money and can’t pay for a step process, I simply put the kit aside for as long as it is needed until you can pay for that payment amount, there are no due dates of payments.

Wanted a kit painted and the kit was purchased but no longer interested in having it painted:
I cannot reimburse you for the kit purchased to to policies of the store. If you made your deposit I can refund you; if no cleaning work was been done to the kit. What happens to the kit? I either sell it, have another individual buy it and have me paint it for them, or paint it by default and auction it off. If it was a kit you purchased yourself and had it sent to me, you will always get it back but be wary that if the kit was worked on, you will get it back with those edits. If no prep was done to the kit, you will get your deposit back, if it was, you will not get the deposit back.

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Payment Processes

Payment Preference:
Always require paypal transactions and in USD.

I require a deposit to cover a spot on my commissions list and to inspect and wash your kit of impurities. The deposit is $100 and it's included in your ballpark.

Sending Payments:
I can send Paypal invoices, but you need to cover for the fee it produces. I have a calculator to determine the fees, but you need to state if your paypal account is a USA account or international to know that the percentage fee is to get an accurate number. If your comfortable sending normal Paypal payments, please send all payments as 'Gift' or 'friends & family' so no fee is deducted. If you are international, sending payments to someone in another country will produce a fee, make sure nothing is deducted to all payments sent.

Payment Amounts:

Minimum Payments:
Minimum payments are $50.

How much per stage requires to start?
Depends on what is being painted and other factors, I will let you know how much each stage will cost as I work once we break down the numbers..

Don’t have the amount to pay for a work stage:
It’s okay, don’t fret! If you can’t make a payment for me to work on the next step, I simply put the kit aside until you are ready to send your payment. There are no due dates for payments.

Your process of payments:
I bill by the stages in kit building, meaning you pay me to clean and inspect the kit, then once that is done, you pay me for the prep work stages, painting and so on. Some gk builders do half up front and half when it is finished, I do not work this way since I do this hobby as my actual job. It’s easier for me to keep track of work and keep me motivated to work.

Can I make advanced payment or pay in full?
Yes you can, everyone has their preference in sending payments what makes them comfortable. I normally just require payments when a step is done and ready to start the next, but you are more than welcome to pay in advance for another step or just pay it off to be less of a burden to you to make payments, but also having the kit shifted up on my commissions list.

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Example Payment Tracker

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Obtaining a Kit

If you have a kit:

Send me photos of your kit and mention where you purchased the kit. This insures to me that the kit is a clean cast / recast (not from ebay). I refuse to work on kits that are purchased from ebay. They are horrible to work with. I work with originals or recasts from supported sellers and HQ recasters.

If you don't have a kit:

Buying a kit / kit is on pre order:
If you are okay for recasts, I know of two online stores to purchase high quality recasted kits. I will purchase them on my account which offers discounts. If a kit is on pre-order, I will ask the store how many quotas are left to have it reproduced again, if the quota is low, most likely it won’t be casted for a long time, if the quota is high, I suggest you pay for the kit in full so we can have a spot on that quota list. Once the kit is released, I will be notified and I will then let you know as well how the process is going. Once the kit arrives I can begin work and we can work out payment plans. If the kit is in stock, you send me a payment for the kit to be shipped to me, I will order and wait for the kit to arrive at my location. It can take a few weeks for me to receive it.

Not sure what to have commissioned:
Mention a few character names and what series they are from and I can search what recasts are available. Pictures are most helpful. If you want to spend the extra money in obtaining an original kit if available., I highly recommend my deputy service AnimeOsaka via facebook.

Have a character in mind but not sure if a kit is available:
Once I have the names, I will begin my search and send you a few links of some kits that are (in stock). If they are on pre-order it is unknown when they will be out of pre-order stage based on the current quota for it being recasted. If you really want that kit and it is in pre-order, you will need to pay in advance and I be happy to purchase it on my account with a discount, no cancellations can be made due to policies.

Want to buy a kit but modify it to look like your original character:
Thought my talents can be limited to an extent in this area, I do offer pose modification and customization. Just all depends what your OC looks like. I will then do some research of a few kits or one that looks similar in some aspects to then modify, unless your OC is based on existing characters, feel free to send me image links to narrow down the search more! Though this option is a very expensive one, I make sure your are 100% satisfied with the final look.

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Sending a Kit

If you have the kit on hand:
I will provide my address in which or you to send the kit too. I work with international clients as well, though shipping will be high given where I live.

If we need to order the kit:
I will order it on my accounts and have it shipped to me. Discounts are offered on my accounts and will be applied to your order as well. Once I receive the kit, I will message you for further instruction.

Having more than one kit painted or sent:
I have on many occasions accepted work that people what to have more than one figure painted by me. Sometimes, they rather send for example two kits, but only want one painted for the present time. I do accept holding kits for you to save on shipping costs, but that second kit will not be worked on until either the first kit is finished and or you send payment deposits for the second. If you decide you do not want that second kit painted at all or painted by me, I will send it back to you but you have to cover shipping (if it is international), and if you paid a deposit for it I will return you your deposit (if the kit has not been cleaned). I can package two kits in one box to save on shipping! For more information about this, please message me

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How Stages Work

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Kit?
Depends how complicated it is and requires extra customizing, ordered more than one kit and want them both sent at the same time, and also depending on my schedule. Typical completion ranges are 3-6 months but please contact me to get a rough estimate of completion depending on how many kits you want painted and the difficulty of it. Rush order options available as well if you want the kit sooner, but it costs extra, given my time and focus is just on your kit at the top of my list.

The order in which I work on kits: Washing - Cutting excess resin off - pinning - sanding - gap filling - test priming for more issues or holes in the resin - final sanding - final priming - painting - sealing - custom base building (optional) - completion & assembly - photography - editing photos - upload - packing & shipping.

So this is how the process usually pays out once the kit is in hand, inspection is made, and a final ball park quote is given. Once we have that number in place, we can work out payments. The $100 deposit covers me inspecting the kit and washing the kit from impurities and excess resin. This deposit is included with the ball park total. Once the cleaning is done and my schedule is open to work on prep work, I will require another payment. If you cannot pay during that time, it’s okay! I will simply put the kit aside until you are ready to send the payment needed to complete the task. This process will continue on until everything is paid in full and the kit is complete! Some artist sometimes do half and half where you pay half and the rest when the kit is finished. I do not work this way. I work based on process to keep a steady living and keep progress steady. Ex: worked 5 hours of prep work, Id only make 50 to 100 bucks in a few weeks time. If I were to do the half and half ordeal, I only be working for 3 months from start to finish only on $100. If you have questions about this please let me know and I can elaborate further. Once the kit is complete I will then package, weigh it, go to the postal service and have it quoted with insurance and I will send you this info back for how much you need to pay in shipping.

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I do offer customizing options such as: different paint look to your liking, custom bases to fit with the characters atmosphere or to your liking, adding / modifying poses of a kit or adding things to the kit it did not come with originally. This option usually results in an extra charge, though if you already have an idea in mind when it comes to knowing what kit you want and what you want done to it, I usually include those custom charges within the ballpark. The only thing that is not included in the ballpark is if it is a custom base design, that is a separate charge and prices range on complexity and time. But this is what is great about gk building, it’s built to your specific desires!

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So the kit is done, whats next?
I will then send it to the post office to have it weighed and quoted and I will send this information back to you as the shipping quote. The buyer is responsible for covering the shipping.

How do you pack everything?
Once the kit is finished I will then pack it securely using bubble wrap, plastic bags, labeled parts, stuffing and padded foam pieces (if available) all packed in storage containers to insure double safety.

Do you add insurance?
Yes! Always! I value the kit by how much the kit is worth and the total you paid me to paint it for you. On some occasions I will cover the insurance for the kit if it's under the $400 mark. =) Anything over I will tell you the amount.

So I have the kit, how do I care or assemble it?
Any figure I paint I always send a digital file for care instructions so that your figure stays in tip top shape! When you receive your kit, if the kit is required to be in a few pieces for shipping safety, you will be provided with voice audio video instructions on how to put it together. It is just easier to follow in video format than on paper.

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It’s just business, no it’s more than that:
My #1 goal is to make all my customers happy and having great service with personality. I am not someone who is cut dry and just work on business terms, I like to meet new people and engage with them, so don’t be afraid to strike a convo with me, I would love to chat with anyone even if it’s on a commission basis =)

Not happy with how a piece looks during a progress stage:
Please do not be shy or think I will get mad if I have to redo something! It is okay! I only want to make you happy =) If you see something that doesn’t seem right to you, please let me know and I be happy to fix. Though if it’s completely repainting something all together, I have to strip the paint and everything which may result in a charge.

Received the kit and don’t like it:
Simply put, I cannot refund you if you received the kit and you are not happy. Since we both communicate together by voice and photo progress, there should be no need for you not being happy, since I am building the kit to your exact liking and you are watching over my progress. But, if there is a case you are still not happy you are more than welcome to have the kit sent back for fixing what you seem wrong with it. I simply cannot refund something I put many months of work into, all I can do is simply correct the mistake and send it back to you. Though I never have had this happen ever but best to note it to be safe.